ACI Special Issue Call for Papers 2022: "Adolescent Privacy and the Electronic Health Record”

The Journal of Applied Clinical Informatics (ACI) is will be publishing a Special Issue on "Adolescent Privacy and the Electronic Health Record". Guest editors include DBMI's Trent Rosenbloom and Bryan Steitz and Weill Cornell Medicine's Marianne Sharko

For more information, see below and check the ACI Special Issue site here.


This special issue on “Adolescent Privacy and the Electronic Health Record” of Applied Clinical Informatics targets papers addressing topics at the intersection of: 

  • Adolescent privacy and consent for care
  • Regulatory pressures from federal, state, and institutional policies
  • The realities of existing health information technologies implemented in the real world. This includes solutions that have been developed and implemented by healthcare institutions, analysis of legal or regulatory materials and their effect on care, case reports of breaches of privacy and their effect on care, as well as the effect that the immediate disclosure of information has had on care experiences.


Submissions are due October 16, 2022 in ACI’s submission site at Authors must modify the title of the submission to alert the journal that the submission is pertaining to the Special Issue from <title> to “Adolescent Privacy and the Electronic Health Record - <title>. Authors are encouraged to vet their ideas with the special editorial team, who may also grant extensions to the deadline.