2 Open Postdoc Positions—Apply Today!

We have two fully-funded postdoctoral fellowship positions opening summer 2023 on the NIH T15 training grant. Please refer any candidates to us, and also consider whether any postdocs you are currently supporting on grant funding might be eligible to move over to this opportunity. 

To be eligible, candidates must have a PhD, MD, PharmD, or other doctorate, and must be a US citizen or permanent resident. Candidates can use the T15 opportunity to earn a master's degree in biomedical informatics if they desire, or they can do research full-time. 

Please get in touch with Jessica Ancker (jessica.s.ancker@vumc.org), Kim Unertl (kim.unertl@vumc.org) or Rischelle Jenkins (rischelle.jenkins@vanderbilt.edu).